THE LAKE MERRIT MONSTER is a narrative short. 
Ollie Henderson is living his best life in a changing Oakland, when until his Mother is attacked by a monster and vanishes on his 16th birthday. 
Depressed and confused, Ollie wanders the streets, his mind full of questions. What will happen to his family? Will his grieving father be okay? And was it really a monster? In Lake Merritt? Is that even possible?
Ollie’s wanderings lead him to investigate the lake and its mythical monster, and he quickly learns that the creature has been feeding on the city’s homeless.
Desperate to discover the truth about his mother’s disappearance and save others in Oakland from a similar fate, Ollie sets out to find the monster. He’s joined by his three friends and they embark on an urban adventure through Oakland to hunt down the monster using scientific expertise, their own cultural knowledge and their deep friendship. They are on a mission to solve what happened to Ollie's mom, and to save the City they love. 
This project is currently in production.
Role: Editor
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